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Homeopathic Farm Services Ltd is a small, unique, innovative business which began officially in 1997 in response to repeated requests from farmers for quality homeopathic products and professional information, education, guidelines and support in the safe and effective use of homeopathy. 

A large percentage of conventional farmers use homeopathy successfully for animal health in their farming operation. Homeopathy is the main tool for the Certified Organic farmers with animal health.  Dairy farmers and a significant number of sheep and beef producers use homeopathy (exclusively or along with veterinary medicine) due to the success they have experienced using homeopathy to improve and maintain the health of their animals and the productivity of their farms.



With COVID-19 upon us, we realise seminars will be difficult going forward. We have decided that Homeopathic Webinars will be a good way for people to learn about Homeopathy and its uses with animals and farming. We are working on providing different Webinar options in regards to where your Homeopathic knowledge is based and whats important to your system. So we are looking at doing

  • Beginner/Introductory/Case taking - Symptom based 
  • Winter/Pre-calving/Calving
  • Mastitis/High cell counts
  • Lameness/Injury
  • Calf rearing
  • Fertility/Mating
  • Seasonal Issues - encompassing Rye grass staggers/ Facial eczema/Parasites

What you need is access to a computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone. We use Zoom to do these webinars and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Because we are splitting up the seminars, these webinars will take around 1 to 1 1/2 hours to do. So not long and good little snippets of information.
To book in for Webinars, please email or ring us and we can send out the information that you might need and also the link so you are able to join.


HFS Ltd provides for Dairy and Dry stock farmers:


HFS Ltd has extended their support to the Equine community holding Seminars for training in the use of homeopathy for horse owners and sales preparation specialists.


HFS Ltd purpose is to assist and support farmers.  HFS Ltd has always placed a high value on free information and training to empower farmers to better care for their animals in a cost effective, efficient (and most importantly) natural way.


All Homeopathic Farm Services Ltd (HFS) products are BioGro New Zealand Ltd certified. 

HFS Ltd has Class Determination from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Group (ACVM) for all homeopathic and herbal products.  The Natural Teat Conditioner has been approved as a Veterinary Registered Product.